About Me

I am an experienced full-stack developer with a diverse academic background. I have obtained a diploma in Computer Programming from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, where I was recognized with High Honours for graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Additionally, I hold an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto where I specialized in biology. Experience as a manager as well as an academic tutor has given me valuable people management and public speaking skills.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to work together or just chat for a bit. I always enjoy being challenged and am always excited to learn new skills. I am a quick learner, who will always strive to meet and exceed expectations. Let me help your company produce software with:

  • Clear, extensible code.
  • Innovative solutions.
  • Strong emphasis on usability.
Andrew Li


2018 - Current

Software Developer at Indivica Inc.

I work with a small team to implement new modules and features, resolve current issues, and make improvements to existing software. I communicate with support staff and upper management to more accurately design balanced solutions. Used Java, Spring, Jquery, Backbone, Javascript, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, MySQL and modern design patterns to improve our software for the best user experience.

2018 - 2019

Co-founder of CoolCat Innovations

I became a co-founder with 3 others to start a company focused on modernizing accessible technology, making it more readily available for those who need it. We had a working proof of concept and obtaining initial funding from willing competitions. My roles include planning, executing, and overseeing all operations with other co-founders.

2017 - 2019

Freelance Software Developer

I worked on requested projects, building and/or debugging websites and applications. I continued to provide support for any questions both during and after improving processes and features of the applications requested.


Jr. Developer at University of Toronto

Upgraded and enhanced the web application "Vocabulary Enhancement Accelerator". Upgraded to newest version of PHP and laravel. Used Jquery, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and bootstrap on a Laravel 5.4 framework to implement new modules and features based on use cases listed in the business requirements document created by the project manager and the client.

2016 - 2018

Tutor/ SLG Leader

Assessed tutee knowledge, using effective communication to reiterate and clarify concepts learned in class as well as introducing new and supporting information; increasing comprehension. Would facilitate Supportive learning groups by inviting students to attend, organizing lesson plans, leading group discussions, and ensuring comprehension of learning material.

2016 - 2017

Student at Seneca College

Rigorous theoretical background in subjects which include: programming and web programming languages, system methodologies (object oriented analysis and design), internet client and server side development, design and maintenance of database systems, data communication, security, data structures and algorithms, and a variety of operating systems. I have recently graduated with High Honours for graduating with a 4.0 GPA.



With an enthusiasm for self-growth and a passion for programming, I am quick to learn new languages, environments, and technologies.

  • Knowledge in system development and application life cycles
  • Full-stack web development
  • Implementing reusable code with appropriate documentation
  • Debugging problem areas
  • Database design and analysis

Why Me?




December, 2017 Hardware, Arduino IDE, C++, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Studios

Originally for a hackathon project (Hackability), Sonacles was developed as a modern and innovative hearing aid in the form of glasses. These hearing aids use bone conduction rather than air conduction. We placed finalist in the competition and have started CoolCat Innovations to bring this product to the market.

What The Pixel?

What The Pixel?

Sept, 2016 Android Studio, Java, XML

This game is based on the IOS version. by Alexander Li. The player will see a pixelated picture within a category and a group of possible letters. They try to guess what it is. A trivia game I created where the player tries to guess the pixelated picture with the use of power ups.

Scream Into The Void

Scream Into The Void

Oct, 2015 Android Studios, Java, XML

A simple app based on the website Scream Into the Void presented on an episode of Last Week Tonight. It lets the user say any hateful things they would usually say on a forum but it deletes it forever. I tried to mimic the app feel an behaviour as much as I could from the show.



University of Toronto

Vocabulary Enhacenment Accelerator

2017 Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap

This application was developed for The Information and Instructional Technology Services (IITS) department at The University of Toronto. The Vocabulary Enhancement Accelerator is a web application used on blackboard as a learning tool. This application is a set of modules, used to help new English speakers achieve a higher level of English proficiency at an accelerated rate. As lead and sole developer, I had ample opportunity to work along side the project manager and client; learning and providing input at every stage of the development process.



2019 Linux, Tomcat, MySQL, Java, Spring, HTML, CSS, Backbone, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap

This application was developed for Indivica Inc. Notify is an IndiviCare (oscar emr) module used as an appointment notification system. It allows doctors to send out mass mailings for reminders such as flu vaccinations or remind patients they have an upcoming appointment. Patients can book new appointment and confirm upcoming appointments via the web portal.



2019 Linux, Tomcat, MySQL, Java, Spring, HTML, CSS, Backbone, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap

This application was developed for Indivica Inc. Communicate is an IndiviCare (oscar emr) module used as a communication system. It allows doctors to better communicate with other doctors, specialists or even patients.